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The Prefect of Divine Worship writes it in the preface to Bortoli's book “The distribution of Communion in the hand: a historical, juridical, and pastoral overview”. The examples of Wojtyla, Mother Teresa and Benedict XVI

Great response to Francis’ invitation to the faithful of every confession for a Day of Reconciliation. The initiative is aimed especially at Congo and South Sudan

The Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan lives in prison with unshakable faith which also supports her family. Her husband and one of her daughters are in Rome

giorgio bernardelli
Billy Graham, the man symbol of the Evangelicals in the United States, is gone. He was a great admirer of John Paul II and helped to ease relations with the Catholics

paolo affatato
During Lent and the celebrations of the Eucharist Year, Christians in the “Land of the Pure” remember their martyrs, as their endure their struggles with faith

Cruz (Victim of Abuse), “For the first time I felt that someone is listening. The Pope's envoy cried listening to my story about Father Karadima's abuses”

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Interview with the Prelate of Nanyang on the rumors of a possible agreement between Beijing and the Holy See, “The sufferings of the past are not erased, they are part of our life with Christ. But I’m not thinking about those difficult times now”

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Number two of the Secretariat led by Pell becomes the Pope’s ambassador to Korea, while the head of protocol, Bettencourt, will be entrusted with the nunciature in Georgia

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The Board of Directors will meet from 19 to 23 February to examine projects awaiting funding: 127 were approved in 2017, with a total allocation of about 2.3 million dollars

Andrea tornielli
In his conversation with the Jesuits in Chile, Pope Francis speaks of the pedophilia scandal, urges to listen to those who have suffered violence and not to console ourselves with statistics


Christopher Lamb
Catholic writer Catherine Pepinster explores the UK’s interactions with the papacy over the last 35 years